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January 15, 2011

Happiness in the garage!

Today was to be the day! Mopar Ed said if we could give him a little while to finish buffing and detailing a few areas, we could bring the Charger home today. Here are some views from inside his shop. My family and I were stunned with how beautiful the car was, how great a job Ed and his team did, and how totally cool the colors looked together in real life, after imagining them or seeing examples on paper for all these years.

homecoming day - 1 - from above

homecoming day - 2 - from above, hood

homecoming day - 3 - from behind, in Ed's shop

Here is my buddy, the famous Mopar Ed, doing some last-minute dusting prior to taking some pictures for his records and his Facebook page. I cannot recommend Ed's work highly enough. I encourage all my Mopar buddies to give Ed a holler for your Mopar parts or painting needs. His shop pretty much does it all.

homecoming day - 4 - outside with Ed

Here are a few more pictures of the car outside at Ed's and on the trailer preparing to come home:

homecoming day - 5 outside, passenger side

homecoming day - 6 - outside, driver's side

homecoming day - 7 - on trailer

AT LONG LAST, with the help of some wonderful friends and family, here is my Charger, beautifully painted and safely unloaded in my own garage. The boxes you see in the background of one of these photos are full of parts, new and/or restored, waiting their turns to complete my Charger's restoration, inside and out.

homecoming day - 8 - in garage, passenger side

homecoming day - 9 - in garage, driver side

We've been home for about three hours as of this writing, and I've already run outside six or eight times just to look and let it sink in.

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Looks great, I wish I was there. What will be the next step, front end? Was Ed able to get the panel alignment done after paint? It looks great. Also did you smooth out the area below the sails? Will be looking alot now. Frank

Posted by: Frank at January 17, 2011 06:41 AM

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