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May 25, 2005

Rebuilding the Wiring Harness

One major source of heartburn when I drove my Charger all those years was my temperamental electrical system. Once the wiring was all removed and I could inspect it properly, it was a mystery that the car had worked at all without burning itself to the ground. All of the bad splices, bad connections, improperly done repairs, and modifications made this wiring harness a real challenge to restore. My future enjoyment would require a fully functional, safe, and reliable electrical system. Armed with over a dozen salvaged Mopar harnesses and a reproduction '70 Charger factory service manual, I replaced every bad wire, connector, bulb, and switch with good originals. Now the entire harness, headlights to tail lights, has been rebuilt to match the diagrams in the manual, and is ready to be stored.

This is the dash harness, the most extensive part of the wiring harness. I have rebuilt it, and it is ready for re-wrapping.

The dash harness, now re-wrapped, replicating factory routing of all wires, is now ready to be stored until reinstallation at a future time.

The engine compartment harness, with Mopar electronic ignition conversion seamlessly grafted in for a factory appearance, all re-wrapped and ready for storage. The addition of electronic ignition is the only electrical deviation from stock.

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Hello: That's amazing you have had your car 17? years before you found the inner resources to start on it. I have had my '70 Charger R/T 15 years and have done the same thing. I mean I've restored several cars, but it was all to learn how to do this one correctly. I have a question, you did a fine job rewiring your harnesses, I'm trying to find a guide that shows what each connector goes to on the engine harness. My car was in a fire before I got it and I don't have any reference for my new wiring harness that was shipped without any instructions. Is there such a guide somewhere? Just showing what connects to what, not a schematic. I bought the year one HU107B and there are too many extra wires. It's the basic 440 that was a points car that I'm trying to change to electronic. Any help would be a godsend, thank-you, Donald in K.C. c1h9e6v4y@yahoo.com

Posted by: Donald at August 9, 2010 12:10 AM

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