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November 08, 2012

Engine back home!

On Sept 7th, my engine looked like this,


Today it looked like THIS!


The engine shop (Valley Balancing in Ceres, CA) called and told me all that I wanted them to do was done. They did all the machining on the block and heads, balanced everything, assembled the rotating assembly, and wrapped it up for me.



We got it all home safely and put on the engine stand.




Hopefully when I get my tax return I can buy the cam, lifters, push rods, rocker arms, springs etc, the timing chain, oil pump and drive shaft, oil pan, pick-up etc.

Meanwhile it will stay safe, dry, and bagged in my garage.

Since I have not completed my engine entirely, and some people have had questions, I thought I would list what I have had done thus far.

1. Hot tank block
2. Magnuflux block
3. Touch-up Valve Job - both heads (new stainless valves, hardened exhaust seats, and new guides done recently)
4. True the engine block deck surface
5. Grind crank mains and rods .010
6. Re-size rods
7. Bore & hone cylinders .030 with torque plate
8. Balance all internals
9. R&R cam bearings - new Clevite bearings
10. Tap all bolt holes
11. New ARP rod bolts
12. New ARP main bolts
13. New forged TRW/sealed power pistons
14. New Mahle rings
15. New Clevite main and rod bearings
16. Line bore hone all 5 mains
17. Resurface heads
18. Assemble lower end
19. New main seal and housing
20. Machine heads for positive type valve seals
21. New positive type valve stem seals
22. New oil pump drive bushing
23. Install new brass freeze plugs

The valve stem seal mod was recommended by the shop because it they were worried that I might have run into some issues with my cam. I'd never heard of it, but it wasn't too expensive so I went for it.

Final compression is expected to be between 9.5 an 10:1

Next step is to get the cam and valve train parts together, but that may be waiting until February.

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