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August 24, 2007

Moving Day

The last few months I have been incredibly busy, along with the rest of my family, getting ready to move out of the house we've been renting for the last fifteen years. One of the monumental tasks we faced was safely relocating my beloved Charger to a temporary home in my inlaws' insulated 3-bay garage. I hope to be able to continue some work there this fall, while we wait to discover whether the Lord wants us to buy a house of our own, or rent again. In either case, I am thankful for the loan of the safe storage space, and that I can continue to use that if we end up settling in a place without a garage.

Towing this car through my small town was the first time I had shown it off publicly since well before I began my restoration. Ever since the day I moved it, I have had people in town asking me if I happen to have been the one "towing that Charger" through town, wondering where I "picked it up". It was fun to explain to them that I've had this car for over twenty years, and about my plans to complete its restoration.

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