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February 19, 2007

Sandblasting, take 2

Since most of the hours I've been putting in on my Charger lately have involved trying to smooth out the body panels and move my body work towards "prime-able perfection", posting a monotonous series of pictures of the same areas of the car would not be interesting or helpful to the viewers of this site. Finally some of my work takes on a more visible form: I took over my wife's parking stall for the weekend, turning it into a sort of reincarnation of my sandblasting enclosure from a couple of years ago. This time, a large stack of small parts were the object of the sandblasting. I completely disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted, primed, and painted my steering column components, all the hardware for my new 11" rear brake assemblies, and a host of other brackets and things, as well as the underside of my rear deck lid, which still had some of the previous finish on it, and a set of wheels I'm going to put on my wife's Dart sometime in the near future. By Monday evening, everything was broken back down and the restored components were packed carefully away. My wife was really pleased that the BIG blue tarp was only up for a weekend this time.

After I get a few new components, I will be reassembling the steering column and putting it in storage until needed, as I have already done with the brake components and other sub-assemblies.

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