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August 01, 1989

Fall 1987 - Summer 1989

In the fall of 1987, I pulled a 1974 vintage 440 out of a Chrysler wagon I'd bought for $225, and put it in my Charger. The new engine had a stock Thermoquad, I added Hedman headers with Walker turbo mufflers and dual exhaust, Lakewood traction bars, and an Accel ignition system. I also converted my car to use the factory electronic ignition that was in the wagon. With all these changes my Charger would really fly! It became the most well-known and revered car in my circle of friends, in fact, to this day the first thing most of my high school era buddies ask is "how's the Charger?", or " do you still have that Charger?" A friend and I had painted the car's body flat black, and I put a Keystone Classic 15x7 wheels on it. When I joined the Navy in Mar 1988, the car was parked; this photo was taken when I was home on leave in August of 1989.


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